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As a UX Designer at Expedia Group(EG), I was part of the Attach Team. This team deals with recommendations for the purchase of any travel item in addition to already purchased item/s. The team designs attach recommendations for the three main EG brands - Expedia, and Vrbo.

I led a project to optimise the trip overview page carousels within Expedia's native app. 

The primary objective was to migrate these carousels to a shared UI component, to streamline development processes and enhance user experience. 

Due to NDA restrictions, I cannot disclose all the details of my project.

Please contact me for more information at


Expedia's trip overview carousels needed improvement to accommodate advanced features such as filters, badges, hearts, and dismiss options.

Additionally, the ongoing transition to a new booked/saved tab structure required a shared UI component to minimise duplication of development efforts across recommendation carousels.


  • Development of Personalised Module: Led the development process for the Personalised Module designed for the Native App, ensuring seamless compatibility and consistency across platforms.

  • Implementation of Shared UI Component: Successfully integrated the Shared UI carousel within the trip overview section of the native app, incorporating advanced features and enhancing overall functionality.

  • Gradual Rollout Strategy: Adopted a phased approach, starting with the LODGING carousel, followed by a progressive rollout plan for cars and activities carousels, with future placements slated for later stages in 2024. All three carousels specifically target the US point of sale.

In my final proposal for the Lodging carousel, I streamlined the process of saving a listing by implementing a concise 3-step method. This replaced the cumbersome 4-step process previously in place, significantly reducing user effort and time required for saving listings directly from the carousel.
Latest GIF for saving a listing.gif

Saving a listing from the new lodging carousel


  • Identify Need: Conducted thorough analysis of current state to identify pain points and opportunities for enhancement within the trip overview carousels.

  • Collaborative Effort: Collaborated closely with the Attach and Core Recommendations teams members to take ownership of the project's delivery, given the incomplete state of the Native version of the Shared UI component.

  • Scope Definition: Initially focused efforts on optimising the Lodging carousel within the native app, with plans for subsequent integration of cars and activities carousels later in 2024 for US point of sale.


At Expedia Group, teams operate within an Agile framework, adhering to the principles of flexibility, collaboration, and iterative development. The work is organised in three-week sprints, during which team members apply the double diamond design process to guide their efforts. This approach allows them to effectively manage projects, adapt to changing requirements, and deliver impactful solutions within short timeframes.

Discover - Define - Develop - Deliver
Double diamond.png

In the Discovery phase, I dedicated my efforts to familiarising myself with the available data from the UX researchers at Expedia Group. Additionally, I consulted closely with the Core Recommendations Team, which had previously been working on the Shared UI designs. This collaborative effort enabled me to gain valuable insights and align my design approach with the existing initiatives within the organisation. During all phases of the process, I was having regular sync meetings with the Product Manager, Design leads, Content Designers and the Development team to discuss what would be feasible.

During the Define and Develop phases, I maintained regular sync meetings with key stakeholders, including the Product Manager, Design leads, Content Designers, and the Development team, to get their feedback on my design iterations. These sessions were crucial in evaluating feasibility and fostering a cohesive understanding of project objectives across multidisciplinary teams.

In the Delivery phase, I prepared comprehensive design deliverables and documentation to facilitate seamless handoff to the development team. This involved creating detailed design specifications, interactive prototypes, and design assets. I collaborated closely with developers to address any implementation challenges and ensure the fidelity of the final product to the design vision. Additionally, I provided support during the implementation phase, conducting design reviews and offering guidance to ensure the successful execution of the design solution.

Carousels for native app live at the start of the project
Lodging carousel old mock.png
Activities with drop down shadow mock old.png
Cars old mock with drop down.png

Lodging carousel  carousel

 Activities carousel

Car rentals carousel

My final proposal for carousels for native app
After loding carousel with dropdown.png

Lodging carousel  carousel

As the carousels for Activities and Car rentals were scheduled for release later in 2024, I am not able to disclose the final designs I have handed off to the Development team.


By migrating trip overview carousels to a shared UI component, the project yielded several notable outcomes:

  • Significantly improved functionality and user experience within the native app environment. User testing results were not out yet during my time at the company.

  • Streamlined development processes, resulting in reduced duplication of efforts across recommendation carousels.

  • Establishment of a robust foundation for future optimisations and maintenance, ensuring sustained improvements in user experience and development efficiency.


Leading this project marked a significant milestone in my journey at the company, providing me with invaluable hands-on experience as a UX Designer. I encountered various challenges and opportunities for growth.

One of the most notable takeaways from this experience was learning to collaborate with diverse stakeholders across different departments. Collaborating closely with project managers, design leads, content designers, and developers, I learned to leverage the expertise and insights of each team member, harnessing our collective strengths to overcome challenges and achieve our shared objectives.

Overall, this project served as a springboard for my professional development, equipping me with the skills and confidence to lead future initiatives successfully. The lessons learned from this experience will undoubtedly shape my approach to future projects, guiding me towards continued growth and success in my role as a UX Designer.

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